Use of Artwork on this site

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If you are interested in any of the artwork on this site, or would like to inquire about commission work, please contact each individual artist through their website or email. Links can be found in the “Our Artists” section under each artist’s bio profile.

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Previously submitted works

1.If a painting has previously been submitted to an FCA Gallery show (Vancouver exhibition) but has not been accepted (received a declined result), is it eligible for a different application to a regional (Chapter) show? – YES

2.If a painting has previously been submitted to an FCA Gallery show, (Vancouver exhibition) has been accepted but not for inclusion in the Gallery show (recognized), is it eligible for another application to a regional (Chapter) show?

YES but if it’s accepted into the Chapter exhibition after receiving an accepted or recognized result in Vancouver, the piece’s acceptance into a Chapter exhibition afterwards would not count as an additional qualifying point, as this artwork would have already received a qualifying point for being a recognized work in a Vancouver exhibition.

  1. If a painting has previously been accepted by the FCA for exhibition at the gallery in Vancouver, is it also eligible for application to a regional (Chapter) show? – So long as it did not receive an award in the exhibition – YES it can be resubmitted to a Chapter exhibition

Essentially we are looking to prevent artists scooping up multiple awards on the same artwork.

An artwork can never carry the weight of two Signature status points in Signature applications.